Business Activity

We provide customers with Japanese-style "monozukuri" manufacturing.

ike carries out the machining and assembly of aluminum parts, centered on the aluminum parts of industrial equipment engines. Furthermore, for overseas, we have also developed services ranging from machinery and equipment-related manufacturing process design to the production and partsprocessing of tools and machinery.

Domestic Business


ike specializes in the machining of small, medium-sized and thin parts and pursues high-speed machining in search of the fastest speeds for aluminum processing. With improvements in machining efficiency and operational availability, we carry out Japanese-style "monozukuri" with high quality and at low cost



We pursue minimum costs based on the handling of synchronized deliveries tailored to customers and workload reduction taking "lead-time shortening" as our mantra.


Production techniques

We believe that manufacturing is determined by production technique capabilities. From among our daily manufacturing activities, we are continuing improvement activities directly related to the workplace in areas such as the company's characteristic manufacturing process design, equipment produced in-house, maintenance technology, operating improvements and production management.


Overseas Bussiness   IKE (THAILAND)CO.,LTD.


We have established overseas bases in Thailand and use our mass-production machining know-how to meet needs ranging from specialist machinery to line construction including general-purpose machines. We sell machining centers in tie-ups with other manufacturers.

About Overseas business