Quality Policy

IKE works on quality improvement under the theme of "securing quality that acquires trust in order to meet the demands of customers."

Inspection System

  • 工程内リーク検査

    Leak Inspections

    We carry out leak inspections of aluminum parts using differential pressure-type leak detectors developed in-house. This assures quality.

  • 工程内検査

    Random Inspections

    ike has created a system that does not release non-conforming parts, with inspectors going out into the workplace to carry out work commencement inspections at the time of each set-up.

  • 三次元測定検査

    3D measurement inspections

    We carry out work commencement and completion inspections using 3D measurement equipment to establish lot guarantees for machined products in general.

  • 出荷検査

    Delivery inspections

    We carry out checks and inspections of things like blow-holes, dents, scratches and burrs with great care to deliver products that are good from the customer standpoint.

Acquisition of Certification

Quality management system ISO 9001

ISO 9001 JQA-QMA14718

We are making continuous improvements to our quality management system in accordance with the international standard, ISO9001 and aim to be an internationally competitive company.